Patrick Jackson - Learning Like Crazy Spoken Spanish Vols.1-2

Patrick Jackson - Learning Like Crazy Spoken Spanish Vols.1-2
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Learning Like Crazy Spoken Spanish Vols.1-2
Год выпуска: 2004
Автор: Patrick Jackson
Издательство: Learning Like Crazy
Книга: eBook в pdf файлах
Аудио: MP3, 64 кбит/сек, 2 канала (стерео), 44кГц
Описание: Хотите быстро научиться разговорному Испанскому на котором говорят в Латинской Америке? Тогда это для Вас. Этот аудио курс полностью на английском языке и чем-то напоминает метод Мишеля Томаса, так же ведется диалог мужчины, женщины и инструктора, который руководит ими, например:
Instructor: Now say “she doesn’t speak.”
Male: No habla. Ella no habla.
Instructor: Now say “You don’t speak” in the formal or polite way.
Female: No habla. Usted no habla.
Instructor: Do you remember how to say “we speak”?
Male: Hablamos. Nosotros hablamos.
Данный курс включает в себя два уровня, каждый по 30 уроков. Также в комплект входят и поурочные тексты диалогов в фомате pdf. Несколько бонусных уроков и 2 урока по сленгу. Озвучен носителями языка, быстро осваивается повседневный разговорный латино-американский испанский, что не мало важно людям, интересующимся именно этим вариантом испанского.
Вот несколько отзывов об этом курсе c Амазона:
1. This course uses a teaching method that makes it possible for the student to really get a true Latin American Spanish accent
2. After finishing both levels of this course, I felt confident in speaking AND
not only when native Spanish speakers were speaking to me
but also when they are speaking to each other.
3. As a native Spanish speaker, I can say that this course comes closer than other courses in teaching Latin American Spanish that is for everyday conversation, and teaching the Spanish that Latin Americans actually speak.
4. There's enough vocabulary to choke a mule -- and that's good thing.
5. Every verb is fully conjugated in each lesson, so you recognize the patterns and start "absorbing" them faster...but it's done in a conversational style so you barely realize "hey, I'm conjugating a verb" and you don't get grossed out by the fact that you're learning grammar.
6. Brief explanations are given on things that are complicated or irregular so you understand why you are doing what you're doing, instead of learning by rote. (Adult learners need to understand why, trust me.)
7. Best of all, it isn't boring. There are plenty of reasons to pay attention when attempting to learn a language, but it's easier to say than to do with some courses. LSLC makes it easy to pay attention because there's always something going on.
8. Lessons are logically laid out, with specific groups of related words in each lesson so you can absorb them all.